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1. Q: Where I can buy your products?

A: does not currently provide any payment service. If you have decided to buy our products, you can click the icon on the right of the product to choose your country, and then you will be redirected to our shop at where you can pay for the same product at a fairly low price.

2. Q: How can you guarantee the quality of your products?

A: We have a strict process of selecting suppliers. And all products will be scrutinized before delivery.

3. Q: Will my laptop sleeve be in the same color and size I have expected?

A: Normally they should be exactly the same as you see on our website. However, slight differences may occur in color due to the different settings and definitions of your screen. As to the size, you should in advance have a thorough estimation of the size of your laptop.

4.Q: What kinds of products do you provide?

A: We are engaged in providing products that are closely associated with your daily life, including kitchenware, sports accessories, pet accessories, baby accessories, laptop sleeves, and repair tools. Therefore you can find the exact products to satisfy your needs no matter where you are — at home or on the journey.

5. Q: Are your products safe for kids?

A: We promise to adopt environmentally friendly and eco-friendly materials, so our products would pose no threat to human body.

6. Q: How can I submit a return or exchange claim?

A: Before you decide to submit a return claim, you are advised to attempt to solve your trouble according to the user manual if there is any. If you confirm that the item is defective despite all the remedial measures you have taken, please submit a REFUND or EXCHANGE request or contact us at Remember your warranty claim should provide:

● An Amazon order number for the purchase;

● A dated receipt from the Becko shop on that indicates the description and price of the product.

7. Q: What if I received an incorrect item?

A: If you find that the item you received is not what you expected, you should first check and make sure if there is something wrong with your order. If it proves to be our fault, you can exchange it for the correct item, or receive a full refund.

8. Q: What if I want to make changes of or cancel my order?

A: Normally you can make changes of your order or cancel your order for a full refund before the item you order is on the way.

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